Camp Gordon: The U.S. Prepares for War

Friday, April 3, 2020

In 1917, Alvin C. York reported for duty to Camp Gordon in Georgia.  Here he received a new uniform, 3 square meals a day, and an army cot all to himself.  It was a new experience for Alvin and the many other boys who eventually became the 82nd All American Division.  Come see the types of training Alvin, along with thousands of others, experienced before shipping off to Europe to join in the Great War. 


While the park will be hosting school groups throughout the day on April 3rd, there will be a paid dog tag stamping program on that evening. The dog tag is an iconic piece of military equipment.  When American Doughboys went overseas in World War One each man was issued a pair of circular tags stamped with their personal information.  We are excited to be offering a program where visitors will not only get an opportunity to see original WWI dog tags and hear their story but also will get the opportunity to make a set of dog tags for themselves on an original stamping set! Spaces are limited so please register by contacting the park office at 931-879-6456 or register online:


Camp programs will begin on the morning of April 4th and be going on throughout the day, concluding with a pick up baseball game! Please refer to the items listed below as a schedule of events:

10:00 AM- "March, March, March": Field Expertise Training

11:00 AM- "Old Army Gun": Weapons Training

12:00 PM- "Not like Momma's": Military Cooking

1:00 PM- "Dummies and Bayonets": Obstacle Course

3:00 PM- "All Work and Some Play": Camp Baseball

*All times listed are Central Standard Time