Veterans Day Weekend

Friday, November 8, 2019

Join us at Alvin C. York State Historic Park to learn more about WWI and its impact. Visitors will be able to see WWI soldiers, weapons demonstrations, and multiple programs which will demonstrate the reality of combat during WWI.

Friday November 8th

5:00 PM- A Lovely War: Doughboy Music

6:30 PM- Sergeant York: The Movie starring Gary Cooper will be shown in the York barn

 Saturday November 9th

8:00 am - Mr. Zip Zip Zip: Haircuts and Hygiene
9:00 am - The Face of the Enemy
10:00 am - Home Comforts at the Red Cross Tent
11:00 am - Over the Top!
12:00 pm - Doughboy Chow
1:00 pm - A Lovely War: Doughboy Music
2:00 pm - Pack Up Your Troubles:1918 Doughboy Kit
3:00 pm - Across No Man's Land and Under Fire
4:00 pm - Back from War: Pall Mall Parade
Sunday November 10th
9:00 AM: Discharged and Disciplined
10:00 AM -Baseball in Blighty
12:30 PM - 100 Years of the American Legion
Monday November 11th
11:00 AM - Veterans Day Ceremony
Sgt. York Patriotic Foundation Annual Patriotic Ceremony 
Guest speakers and live music
All Veterans will be recognized and honored!