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Sergeant York (Two-Disc Special Edition) Gary Cooper plays Alvin York, the real-life country lad and sharpshooter drafted to fight during World War I but blocked from killing by his pacifist sentiments. Howard Hawks makes a rousing, heroic film out of the tale, and Cooper gives one of his best performances (for which he won an Oscar). The 1941 feature seems as much a valentine to wartime America (and a not-so-subtle piece of propaganda) as anything, with Hawks capturing splendidly shot scenes of life in York's home state of Tennessee, which in turn provide a striking contrast to the battlefield. A key scene in the film, in which York is presented with an argument in favor of killing in war, is still thought provoking. $29.99
Sgt. York: His Life, Legend & Legacy (by John Perry) In a world desperate for authentic heroes, the story of Alvin C. York reminds us of the true meaning of heroism. York's bravery on the battlefield made him famous, but it was his decision to turn down the easy riches of celebrity that secured his position as one of history's greatest Christian patriots. Based on new interviews with all of York's living children, and York's own diaries, this exhaustive biography follows the young soldier from the hills of Tennessee to the battlefields of France, down Broadway in a triumphant ticker-tape parade, and back home to his family farm where he spent the rest of his life in service to his community and his God. $24.99
Sgt. York: A sketch of Life as it Was contains the entire personal journal of Sgt. York that describes his childhood, education and acceptance of Christ. More than two dozen photos and a special section about the founding of York Institute make the book, available only at York General Store or though the SYPF online store, a keepsake. The journal was provided by Sgt. York's son, who received it from his mother upon the death of his father. Copyrighted and published exclusively by the SYPF, this is a must-have addition to any WWI or Sgt. York
Sgt York A Sketch of Life as it Was
Sgt York A Sketch of Life as it Was
Sergeant York - Last of the Long Hunters
by Tom Skeyhill, official biographer of Alvin, C. York
A stirring biography of the greatest her0 of World War I, this book describes York's heroic actions on the battlefield and his life before and after the Great War. This 240-page paperback book includes photos and extensive personal information obtained by the author during the time he spent with Sgt. York in Pall Mall, Tenn., soon after WWI. It was originally published in the 1920s.

Sgt. York Patriotic Foundation Membership/Donations
(The SYPF is a 501-3C. Donations are tax deductible. Don't check Tennessee resident box below if you are donating).
Recruit: Membership Certificate and the “Sergeant York Says” Journal, $25
Private: Membership Certificate, “Sergeant York Says”, set of 12 pen&ink notecards depicting scenes associated with Sgt. York’s life or T-shirt, $50
Corporal: Membership Certificate, “Sergeant York Says” and the book, A Sketch of Life as it Was by Sgt. York, $100
Col. G. Edward Buxton: Membership Certificate, “Sergeant York Says,” set of 12 pen&ink notecards and a York Grist Mill watercolor print signed by artist Bill Maffett, $250
Sergeant: Certificate, “Sergeant York Says,” History of the AEF book and Sgt. York DVD, $500
Medal of Honor: Membership Certificate, “Sergeant York Says,” copy of Sgt. York DVD, History of the AEF book & a Sgt. York print signed by artist Butch Hodgkins and Sgt. York’s children, $1,000

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90th Anniversary Case Knife: The Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of a limited edition Case knife to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of Alvin York’s exploit in the Argonne Forest in October of 1918. The four-bladed, stag handle, Congress folding knife with etching on every blade to remind owners of York’s contributions in the First World War. Proceeds will help the foundation keep Sergeant Alvin C. York’s legacy alive. (view)




Limited Edition Watercolor Print by Butch Hodgkins (view)



Sgt. York's distinctive signature, trademarked by the SYPF, enhances this limited edition pen, delivered gift-boxed.


Sergeant York Signature Pen

Pewter York Institute Ornament (by Ben Cordsen) ...this pewter sculpture hangs or stands. Enter quantity in box on the left or call 1-931-347-2664 or
1-931-879-3657. All proceeds will be used restoring the school for educational use in the future. "Deck the Halls with Students"



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The SYPF is a 501-3C. Donations are tax deductible (don't check resident box below if you are donating).
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Sergeant York Patriotic Foundation Memberships:
"Dedicated to preserving the legacy of one of WWI's most decorated and celebrated heroes."
With a motto of “Legacy in Action,” Sgt. York Patriotic Foundation (SYPF) is preserving and promoting the legacy of America’s greatest WWI hero, Alvin C. York. SYPF works with York State Park and York family to preserve the York home, farm and artifacts; develops and coordinates educational opportunities for youth and adults; works to increase sustainable York heritage tourism; operates York General Store Visitor Center; and is restoring historic York Institute built by Sgt. York.
Historic York Institute in Jamestown, Tenn., was built with funds raised by Sgt. York during the 1920s. The building, listed in the National Register of Historic Places as Nationally Significant, was abandoned for nearly three decades when the Sgt. Patriotic Foundation accepted it from the State of Tennessee in 2008. It has since been remediated and stabilized and is now ready for adaptive reuse as a multi-use educational facility – a goal the SYPF believes would make Sgt. York proud.

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