Home for a Hero

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Join us as we celebrate the centennial anniversary of the Yorks moving into their home. To commemorate this historic occasion, we will have a pop up museum set up in our visitor center throughout the weekend. Our exhibits will focus on the establishment of the York farm and the years the York family occupied the homestead. We are also honored that members of the York family will be assisting us with tours of the York home on February 12th.

In addition to this, we will offer two hikes, 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM CST, commemorating the Yorks move from their home on the property where Alvin was raised to the present-day York farm. We will also offer a brief presentation in the York barn at 12:00 PM CST covering the York Farm Fund. Light refreshments will be available for visitors. 

Spots are limited for the hikes, so please register through the following links.

11:00 AM Hike:https://reserve.tnstateparks.com/register/york-home-centennial-hike

2:00 PM Hike: https://reserve.tnstateparks.com/register/on-our-way-home-centennial-hike