On Our Way Home Centennial Hike 2:00 PM

Saturday, February 12, 2022

When Sgt. Alvin C. York returned home from the war, the Nashville Rotary Club and Tennesseans wanted to honor him for his service in the First World War. This took the form of a 400-acre farm. It took some time to raise the funds to pay for the property, so Alvin constructed a home on his mother's farm for him and his bride, Gracie Williams, to live in shortly after they married. The Yorks remained in this home until February of 1922 when they moved to the present-day York farm.

To mark this event, we will have visitors meet at the Visitor Center before being transported to a location near Alvin's mother's farm. From there, we will walk along Wolf River Loop before connecting with our burial site trail for the rest of the journey, concluding at the York Home. This hike will symbolize the journey the Yorks made as they settled into their new home. The hike will be relatively easy, though visitors are advised to dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. Spots are limited, so please be sure to register!