"In the Name of Mercy Give": Donation Drive

Monday, March 1, 2021

Please join us in a unique donation drive throughout the month of March!

In 1943, President Franklin D. Roosevelt officially declared March “Red Cross Month”. While the Red Cross has a long and storied tradition of providing aid to civilian populations and military personnel, this campaign sought to raise awareness for the organization and its humanitarian mission. Another aspect of “Red Cross Month” was to raise $125 million. This was the largest amount that had ever been asked for by an American entity during a single campaign. There were many ways to donate such as the Red Cross Roll Calls. Anyone who donated greater than $1 was considered to be a member of the Red Cross ranks. One of their most famous slogans in membership appeals was "all you need is a heart and a dollar". The public came to the organization’s aid and raised $146 million by June 1943. 

Alvin York also did his part to campaign for the Red Cross during World War II. In one speech Alvin remarked that the Red Cross was “second only to the armed forces” in terms of its importance. He advocated for the public to join the Red Cross during the Red Cross Roll Calls, donate supplies if they were able, and simply support their peaceful mission. By war’s end ¼ of the country’s population was enrolled with the Red Cross.

Public support was, and still is, a vital part of the Red Cross’s success. In our living history programs, the Red Cross is often represented. Just as they made appeals for support, we come to you now with our own appeal. Would you please consider donating through the link provided to help us raise $200 during the month of March? These funds will go to support for our programs here at the park.  Thank you for anything you are able to give!