The York Institute Sign is restored and looking better than ever

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Jim Buck let the charge to help restore the old sign back to its former glory. Jim saw a need and rounded up Faculty and Staff from YAI and our community to help. A special thanks to Sam Brown, Derwin Wright, Adam Bowden, Jason Tompkins, J C Potter, Ronald Copeland, Justin Cooper, Kayden Buck, Rex Pullins, Dwight Dixon, The City of Jamestown and Potter's Ace and Brandon Smith for their help.

All funds used were compliments of the Ernest and Grace Buck Purple and Gold Fund and was completed because of Y A I Pride!

“This sign restoration is a wonderful gift to our community and the students and staff at YAI. We are thrilled with the restoration and are honored for everyone’s hard work to make this happen. A huge thank you to Jim Buck for seeing a need and taking the lead to fix it and make things better for our community. We are grateful for everyone that helped out! Their selfless service falls perfectly into the Citizenship tenet of the Medal of Honor upon which the Sgt. York Center for Peace and Valor will be built.” said Deborah York, Executive Director of the Sgt. York Patriotic Foundation.

The Medal of Honor stands for Courage, Commitment, Sacrifice, Patriotism, Integrity and Citizenship. Every day people can make a difference in the lives of others by giving of their time and supporting one another.

Citizenship is Inspiring all Americans to be involved in their community, respect others, show compassion and assume personal responsibility, we believe that America’s destiny lies in its youth and are committed to helping them become worthy citizens of our country in the belief that ordinary Americans have the potential to challenge fate and change the course of history.

This is a perfect real life example of Citizenship!

American Values. Words to Live by. Ideals to guide us.